All we would end up with is a bunch of stereotypical guild loyalists. use "bunch" in a sentence Other woman: "Yeah, it's just a bunch of buildings and monuments." Bringing a whole bunch of people together that don't normally hang out together may provide you with a recipe for disaster. A: A whole bunch as an American idiom would imply "A whole lot, very much." A bunch of people were standing outside waiting. Also, make sure your jacket is fitted in the shoulders without straining or allowing extra material to bunch up or poke out. Votive Tray: Pick up a bunch of rustic style trays. Keep it simple: If you have an exotic model, don't distract from her stunning features by adding a bunch of props to the shot. Put some on and step into The Brady Bunch realm. The boy threw the bunch of flowers into the grave. Sentence Examples. Poorly manufactured items bunch and ruin your appearance in skirts and pants. They're nothing but a bunch of war-mongers. And his coat was adorned with a flamboyant, 12. He closed his bunch of fives when threatened by the police officer but then resorted to his cool almost instantly. Previous of Bunch. At a support group, you may run into a lacation consultant or simply a bunch of mothers that have a wealth of experience from which to draw. What a whinging moaning bunch of Miss The Boater 's you lot are. Their solution for the kitchen amounted mostly to antiquing the cupboards, painting the table and the walls, tying a bunch of twigs together to make a sculpture, and filling the room with plenty of bad karma. a bunch of grapes. Lyalli, with woolly leaves of a long heart-shape and large pure white flowers with a bunch of golden stamens, drooping gracefully in clusters upon long stems from the tips of the previous seasons growth. (lively, rowdy, wild) Of course, they are also wonderful parents of their own bunch. ragtag bunch with nothing of importance among them. A Hoppin' Christmas: This cute ecard features a bunch of frog friends hopping to the beat of "Jingle Bell Rock.". We're all a very cooperative bunch round here. As far as DROID smartphones with Verizon is concerned, the Motorola DROID X is physically among the biggest in the bunch. A bunch of … She gave me a beautiful bunch of violets. You will once you view this hilarious ecard which features Santa dancing to "Cotton-Eyed Joe" while Mrs. Claus jams in the background with a bunch of elves playing the guitar and saxophone. Back to “3000 Most Common Words in English”. Who needs million dollar contracts and a bunch of old guys telling you what to do when anyone with a dream, drive, and an internet connection can reach the masses for a song? Find out which kinds of picks you like, and buy a bunch of them. A whole bunch of people on Treasure Island said it. We can all talk about a bunch of 'ifs' but the past is past. A happy bunch got back in the van for the quick trip to the next village down the road. If you're truly frugal, you understand that you don't necessarily need a bunch of money to have a good time. I can picture this being a great game to play with a bunch of friends. This incident of hugs and forgiveness between the sworn archenemies could all be just a bunch of hearsay as there were no cameras to record the momentous event for posterity. A desire for a bunch of grapes seized her, and she stole it. She put all the flowers together in one big, 30. We are a friendly bunch of people Who likes to play cs matches for fun! Some other holidays are thrown in, too, but this page from offers a bunch of great projects for Halloween, including wall hangings, trick or treat bags and a festive bowl. Satin lingerie can be so elegant, but finding satin panties that don't bunch up can be a big challenge. A bunch of under-agers were boozing it up on beer. Interviewer Nancy Morales had asked Ms. Jolie if she and Brad were excited about the newest upcoming edition to their family when Black unwittingly made this comment: "They're gonna have as much as the Brady Bunch when they have these. The most established of the bunch, this famous Nickelodeon sea sponge has met enduring success and continues to amuse both kids and adults with its weekly cartoon. reactionaryt a bunch of ideological obsessions or social reactionaries denouncing our own society from outside it. You can develop a bunch of questions put them in a bag and each take turns pulling one out at a time and answering it. In fact I've never seen such a slovenly bunch of good-for-nothing slackers in all my life! Whichever console you end up choosing, if you wind up playing with a bunch of other people who have varying systems, it might be worth it to buy a controller converter as well. gigglebig Maori driver gave me my ticket and sat down beside a bunch of giggling school girls. Taking pity on the sad flowers, she bought a bunch before continuing on her journey home. Just follow the tips above when making your purchase and you'll find your perfect satin panties that don't bunch. I have a huge bunch of keys, and I don't even know what some of them are for anymore. Translations in context of "AND BUNCH" in english-french. Seamless panties or those that don't bunch up could be exactly what you need under those short shorts or flattering Bermudas. 236. The grama, buffalo and bunch varieties cure on the stem, and furnish throughout the winter an excellent ranging food. They were a raggedy bunch with most of their feathers missing and very underweight. Join David's wild bunch TV botanist David Bellamy knows just where to go for a really wild holiday. Their revolution was not made up of a bunch of hotheads with torches and pitchforks.