Seed Potatoes Quality seed you can rely on. Bulbs Are Easy Kennebec Seed Potatoes are easy to grow; Easy to grow; Harvest: Summer; Light: Full sun; Height: 24-30" Bulb Size: 30 mm - 80 mm; Planting Depth: 3" Spacing: 8-12" Packaged in Canada; Origin: Product of Canada We have upick gardens showcasing many of our potato varieties along with a collection of Corn, Sunflower & Tree Mazes. All seed potatoes offered at Sage Garden are Canadian grown by professional producers and certified by the CFIA as disease-free. Gardening 101. Large potato crops are not planted with seedlings each year. Potatoes from seed? Seed potatoes are available for pick-up or shipping starting in mid-April each season. The process of seed potato certification involves field inspections throughout the growing season, to check for disease and to ensure that varieties are true to type, as well as a winter grow-out of the seed, to screen for disease contamination. This variety produces a uniform crop of small to medium sized potatoes. The planting season in Ontario runs largely through the months of April and May. Local 1 403 224 3995 Edmonton Potato Growers are proud to offer a large selection of the most popular and productive seed potato varieties available in North America. Organic certified seed potatoes. Orders over 100kg will be shipped via courier. W & A Farms 2006 Inc./Western Canada Seed Potato Co. Ltd. Russet Burbank To view Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s description for this variety, click here . We have been growing our potatoes using organic methods since 2014 with the 2018 crop being the first with Organic Certification. We do not ship to to locations outside of Canada. PLEASE NOTE: Seed potatoes are bulky and heavy, and this is reflected in shipping costs. Alberta is the largest exporter of seed potatoes in Canada and is internationally renowned for its high quality. McKenzie Seeds only uses Certified Seed Potatoes grown in Canada. Use seed potatoes to get your garden going quickly. We regret that we cannot ship our certified organic seed potatoes outside of Canada. Boiling, mashing, baking, excellent storage, Yellow-skinned / yellow-fleshed; low glycemic index, Roasting, boiling, homemade chips; excellent for storage. Or if you need more than 500kg of one variety we can help with that too! Monday – Friday 9-12 & 1-5 Norland Seed Potatoes. It is widely adapted with relatively high yields. T0M 0K0, Toll Free 1 877 224 3939 Plant EarthApples seed potatoes in a garden bed, on your balcony … That's correct! Congo. The exact parentage is unknown but it was developed by private potato breeder John Safroniuk of Wetaskiwin Alberta. Need more than 2 tonnes of one variety? Plan ahead for spring! Parkland Seed Potatoes Ltd. is a potato variety marketing company introducing new Agrico potato varieties to Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Chieftain is a mid-season variety with red-skin and white flesh. You won’t find smaller packages than ours. Unlike many vegetables, potatoes are not grown from seed, but instead from a tuber (the potato). This is more like a bulk buying and unlike it’s name is not restricted only to Garden Clubs, but anyone who wants to get together with friends to order. $6.49. All seed potatoes offered at Sage Garden are Canadian grown by professional producers and certified by the CFIA as disease-free. All our potatoes are certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Truly an all-purpose potato, with delicious, buttery flavor and a tender, flaky texture. Disease Control. They are great for boiling and frying. Going up from there spuds are bagged in Our popular classic and heirloom varieties sell out quickly each spring but. Instead, what is planted into the ground are ‘seed potatoes’ (potatoes that have hardened roots growing from them). Ellenberger Organic Farm is the home of Henry and Janet Ellenberger near the quaint Ontario town of Coe Hill on The Ridge Road. Custom Seed Packages Learn. S cientists believe that the long summer days in the far north Farmers prefer seed potatoes of the same size to maximize the amount of potatoes created in a field. Although it is possible for gardeners to save seed for planting the following year, only farms certified and inspected can sell potatoes for seed. only the highest quality virus-free seed potatoes. Most orders are shipped via Canada Post. Our Seed Potatoes are not only Certified Seed Potatoes, but they are also Certified Organic. We help breeders, farmers and marketers bring exciting potatoes to North American tables. Please select another product or variant. Our grower is also fully certified organic. Closed Weekends. Grow from Bulbs & Roots. Discover Canada's newest, best seed potato varieties selected for flavour, nutrition and high yields. They are the only providers of certified organic seed potatoes in all of Ontario and also offer beef, pork, strawberries, corn and other seasonal produce. For info on Planting Seed Potatoes, click here, Roasting, fries, home-made chips, potato salad, Boiling, mashing, excellent storage, high yields, Potato salad, mashing, boiling, baking... very versatile, Buttery texture! Norland potatoes are an early season maturing potato that are round with red skin and white flesh. It is a great choice for growing container crops of small round baby potatoes. Located in Central Alberta near the small town of Bowden, the Mills Family has been growing certified seed potatoes for over 30 years. EarthApples seed potatoes are the new, fun way to plant potatoes. They need to … Agrico is a large cooperative organisation engaged in the breeding of potatoes for the fresh, chipping, and processing industries. Chieftain. Seed Potato - Agria (Certified Organic) (SPOG), Seed Potato - Amarosa Fingerling (Certified Organic) (SPOG), Seed Potato - Bintje (Certified Organic) (SPOG), Seed Potato - Citadel (Certified Organic) (SPOG), Seed Potato - French Fingerling (Certified Organic) (SPOG), Seed Potato - Gold Rush (Certified Organic) (SPOG), Seed Potato - Norland (Certified Organic) (SPOG), Seed Potato - Purple Viking (Certified Organic) (SPOG), Seed Potato - Rode Eersteling (Certified Organic) (SPOG), Seed Potato - Russian Blue (Certified Organic) (SPOG), Seed Potato - Shepody (Certified Organic) (SPOG), Seed Potato - Yukon Gold (Certified Organic) (SPOG). However in the summer you are welcome to visit our farm to see how we farm. Russet Burbank Seed Potatoes. Several varieties available. Otherwise, you can see shipping charges in the check-out. The smallest bag contains only 4 potatoes. Well that is getting out of our scope, but may be able to connect you with someone who can. Grow from Seed. Mailing Address: Plant Type: Seed Potatoes Use seed potatoes to get your garden going quickly. Only by planting a potato can we ensure that the potatoes harvested are the same as the potato planted. Our temperate summers are ideal for crop production, and our long, harsh … Gemson’s evenly round tuber shape and excellent taste makes it ideal for oven roasted baby potatoes. EarthApples are sold in 1 kg boxes. Garden varieties are exempt from registration (see directive D … $6.49. please read the following disclaimer before proceeding with your online order. Unlike traditional seed potatoes, which start from the tuber stage, these are actual seeds produced in the fruits of potato plants following pollination. Due to Canada’s Climate we are not able to ship to most of Canada until April at the earliest. A Seed Potato is a potato which has been grown & inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Fax 1 403 224 3994, Farm Hours: April & May Only Our shipping season is generally complete mid May at which time what hasn’t been sold is re-planted in our fields. $6.49. Long summer days, cool nights and a large, available land base in isolated geographic areas have resulted in Alberta seed that is characterized by increased vigor, high quality, high yields, lower disease and pest problems. Over 125 Years of History important!!! Many farmers in Ontario use potato planting machines that are gu… Just one look and taste and will be an instant winner in your kitchen and your garden. Although Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes is one of Canada’s smallest seed potato farms, here you can find Canada’s largest selection of seed potatoes delivering to home gardeners & market gardeners from coast to coast. Red Pontiac Seed Potatoes. $9.99. They have been grown in British Columbia for at least 90 years and are widely available as seed potatoes. Plant them and care for them just like their Solanum cousins the peppers and tomatoes. Whether you choose white, yellow or blue varieties, potatoes are a 'must-have' in your garden. Everyone loves potatoes! Number of Gemson per 1kg: 13-15 seed potatoes $ Murphy's Seed Potatoes is a producer of quality potato seed and grain for the North American market. Take note that some varieties are protected by the Plant Breeders' Rights Act. For nearly a century, potato growers around the world have looked to Canada for their seed requirements – and with good reason. Our seed travels not only to neighboring farms but all over Canada and across the USA. In 2018 the farm received Organic Certification. For your convenience our packages start at 4 potatoes, all one variety or a mix of 4 different varieties if you prefer. Everyone loves potatoes! The item you just added is unavailable. Not only will we offer a discount if you can order with at least 5 people, by combining multiple shipments to one address we can also drastically reduce shipping cost. Western British Columbia is the one exception with an early shipment option March 15th. Call us to order at: In English 1-855-625-4769 En français 1-800-665-6340. Each year we will take orders from December – April. 1kg, 5kg 14kg & 900kg bags. The smallest bag contains only 4 potatoes. Alta Blush’ was discovered as a chance seedling in Wetaskiwin, Alberta in 1992. Although Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes is one of Canada’s smallest seed potato farms, here you can find Canada’s largest selection of seed potatoes delivering to home gardeners & market gardeners from coast to coast. These seed potatoes are cut into the desired size and planted in fields by special machinery. Potatoes are one of the best known all-around bundles of nutrition due to their balanced and available protein content. Several varieties available. We are located on Prince Edward Island on the east coast of Canada. Material:Seed Potatoes are an all-around favorite for baking, frying and steaming. With over 15, 500 acres, or nearly 7, 000 hectares, dedicated to seed potato production, New Brunswick is Canada’s largest exporter of seed potatoes. It has a smooth, thin skin, shallow eyes and tastes wonderful. There is not much to see on the farm during the winter or spring, unless you would like to avoid shipping charges and pick your potatoes up personally. Usually available from mid-February through April. Kennebec Seed Potatoes. We are from Prince Edward Island and simply love potatoes! (Learn more about growing potatoes in containers). We bring you colourful, versatile potato varieties you can't get anywhere else, and make them super-easy for everyone to grow. Bowden, Alberta Johnny's sells Maine Certified Seed Potatoes. Canadian Potato Varieties - Descriptions Most of these varieties are registered in Canada, some are in process of being registered and others have been deregistered. Our grower is also fully certified organic. This is done because a potato grown from the seed produced on a potato plant do not necessarily produce tubers identical to the mother plant. Emails answered once a week. Russian Blue Seed Potatoes ... Canada. John’ s daughter, Tracey Berg, writes. Address: 1000 Parker Boulevard, Brandon, Manitoba, R7A 6E1. Going up from there spuds are bagged in 1kg, 5kg 14kg & 900kg bags. all potato and onion orders are preorder only at this time as they are currently not in stock; all potato & onion orders must be done separtately from garden seed & other merchandise orders; all potato and onion orders are subject to separate shipping charges from other seed/merchandise orders Which is great for testing out one of our unique varieties or for those who garden in pots on a balcony. Yukon Gold Seed Potatoes. OSC Seeds is the largest wholly Canadian-owned and operated packet seed company, offering a full line of products including over 30 herbs, 250 vegetables, 240 annuals, and 100 perennials and biennials suitable for Canada’s various climates. Usually available from mid-February through April. It was bred in Iowa in 1957, and is widely planted in Canada. Organic seed potatoes are now available for spring preorder. ... Canada . We have no minimum order size, so if your having a tough time sourcing small volumes of 4 or 5 specialty varieties, ask us for our 14kg bag discounted pricing. Potatoes are grown by ‘~generation~’ each year in a different area and on a different farm. $6.49. Box 70