Quick Stats. Color patterns can vary a bit. Obviously, I am trying to weigh out what I truly want in my aquarium as I currently only have one tank and realistically, I … Well either way I do appreciate your input. Cheers! Based on what I've read I think this is a lady fish but if any of you experts could confirm that would be awesome . Hey is this a male or female green terror Cichlid? You have some incredible green terrors there and I would be happy if mine could turn out anything similar to your terrors as they are beautiful. George Clooney. Green terrors don'd grow that fast, but if you don't have a powerful filter yet with your 55 gallon set, then plan on getting one in about a year. I have a 1 year old green terror and im not sure if it is a male or a female. This is a Green Female Wanted in Chelmsford ESS posted on Oodle Classifieds. Thanks for the links! In the wild, this fish tends to be found in tropical river basins, estuaries, and river mouths in the coastal slopes of the Pacific Ocean. Female green terror laying eggs for sale There are a few differences between male and female Green Terrors, including the red band around the male's tail fin. They can tolerate a fairly wide range of pH levels compared to some species of fish but do not let the pH reach extreme levels or it will affect their general health. I would like to put my female green terror (gold saum) into my 75 gallon African cichlid tank. Sharon Stone reveals co-star who was the best kisser. tank, but that they must be the only fish in the tank. Why Ozzy's oldest daughter wasn't on 'The Osbournes' Woman drowns, 6 children rescued in Lake Tahoe accident 'Showgirls' actress left during unpleasant scene. You will notice that the color changes as the green terrors grow. Watch the latest videos on TomoNews US! Or Is it to early to tell which one it is? You can easily tell the differences between a male and a female GT. Love both of these fish, but only have a 55 currently available to stock up. Just keep in mind that a pair of Green Terrors need a minimum of 75 gallons, males can get up to a foot long, and the space will help break up the aggression between the pair. They can spawn in hard or soft water but generally softer is better. Female Green Terror? Origin: South America Temperament: Semi-Aggressive Care Level: Intermediate Average Lifespan: 7-10 years Color form: Green, white and blue Diet: Omnivore Size: 12 Inches Minimum Size of the Tank: 50 gallons Family: Cichlidae Compatibility: Same size or larger fish Tank Set-Up: Freshwater with moderate current and hiding caves Temperature: 70.0 to 80.0° F (21.1 to 26.7° C) I will just bump this up with, Are they in a 50 gal tank, or bigger? I was also wondering if there is any chance that I could put a yoyo loach and a bristle nose pleco (both of which are roughly 3inches) in with my green terror, or if it is better to just keep him alone in the 75gallon. Green Terrors do not require high water temperatures, they are quite happy within a range of 20-24 °C (69-75 °F) but I would try to keep the temperature at the higher end of the range. Actually she's the female just saw her deposit another row of eggs. Not only that, but those iconic orange stripes are sometimes absent from female fish. Females tend to have a duller color than males. Feb 18, 2016. Any idea which it is? They can get to 6-8". I m in the Herts Essex North London area. The female will clean the chosen spawning site in readiness for the eggs and once hatched both parents will protect the eggs and the fry once hatched. This is a Green Female in Bradford WYK posted on Oodle Classifieds. Update I tried putting the fry in a small breeding net in the main tank with mom after my heater went nuts and several got caught in the filter. Taipei's fire department reveals 2014 calendar featuring its sexiest male and female firefighters. Please Note: Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image provided. I want to place two green terrors in there 1 male and 1 female that were in different tanks in the pet shop and place them with those fish. The male has long, flowing fins that will sometimes exceed the length of his caudal (tail) fin. This is especially true with females. Approximate size range may also vary between individual specimen. 2:02. In addition, males will have blue anal fins while females have green anal fins, males tend to be a bit larger than females, and males will develop large, rounded humps on … feed him lots of protien and spirolina and he will get brighter. Member. Juveniles are tan colored with silver-blue flecks and lack the bright iridescent blue, green, and orange coloration and long, flowing fins of adult specimens. I especially found the one on JD's very informative. Somehow, they all managed to get out with mom. Vyvid. A large tank would be needed for one to get away from the other if necessary. So, I have given up on trying to keep them from her and let her have them back. This name is referenced to its visual look that seems to be little fierce and strong while the green means the color preference that looks close to green lichen color and sometimes tends close to the olive green. I brought this little guy around 2 weeks ago and he’s about 7cm now. Hi all, I am wanting to get a mate for my GT but would like to know if the one I have now is male or female. Green Terror, Jack Dempsey, Festae (Female), Red Devil, Firemouth, Convicts, Clown Loach, Pleaco. Uncle Ben's rice unveils new name amid controversy Trending. Appearance. They are very good parents and up to 400 eggs are not uncommon. Hence why I’m going the female route to keep size down. In nature, A. rivulatus lives in a tropical climate and prefers water with a 6.5–8.0 pH , a water hardness of 25.0 dGH , … Would these 2 do well together in general, and if so is this tank size do-able? She is currently running the male away from the pack whenever she feels he is getting too close or vice versa. A lot of Cichlids tend to hide their sites in caves, but not Green terrors. The female will take the main role in raising the fry. They can be found all the way from the Esmerelda River in Ecuador to the Thames River in Peru. 22:16. Electric Blue Green Terror Female. ... Do green terrors fight when they breed? Male or Female Green terror?? It's moderately difficult until they are of age, or about 3" or larger. Hi i have got 4 black widow tetras, 2 sword tails, 2 plecs, 1algae eater and two pangasius catfish. good luck and I … Female green terror £20 - 5561618321. Feb 17, 2016. There's really no way to tell whether they will pair off or even get along, all you can do is put them together and hope for the best. They are semi aggressive and territorial. nice terror. He’s living with an Oscar, Jack Dempsey and Pleco, all around his size except the pleco which is 20cm. The Green terror cichlid is a fascinating aquarium fish, but it is not recommended for aquarists with aquariums smaller than 55 gallons/209 liters. Hahaha! He/she is approximately 14cm now and appeRs to be forming a slight hump. If stable, water conditions aren't important at all. I read they release them even when alone at times. Sometimes, the female green terrors also have pink, red, or electric blue lines instead of the orange line. I have been talking to a breeder who has had Green Terrors for 30 yrs and he suggested that a male or female would be fine in a 30 gal. Juvenile green terrors have a silvery blue body, which changes into metallic blue or green as they grow. Anyhow please look at the images (sorry, only iphone images) below and let me know your thoughts. It's a good sign of health or something. I have a 8" male and I m after a female for a breeding project. If not could i place them with some young piranhas which are about 2 - 3 inches long and the green terrors are about 3 - 4 inches long? The … Lookmei.