Additionally, dull eyes can make you look not only tired but also older. Happy trying! 11 Side Effects of Breadfruit Leaves for Health You Need to Consider, How to Use Neem Leaves for Blood Purification – Herbal Medicine. Because the jaundice could be drug induced, from infections, inflammations involving liver, malignancies etc, pl .See your pcp. The proper quality of sleep is taken among 8-9 hours per-day. Both of them are well-known as ingredients that can make eyes become more nutritious and more moist. Yellowish ... Not only does it affect the sclera of your eyes, which is the white portion, but it also can be seen in your palms and soles of your feet. Beware of 10 Causes of Tingling Hand That You Often Ignore! Wear sunglasses when going out in the sun. What Are The Long Term Effects of Hemorrhoids? You may also read dangerous effects of not having enough of sleep. 12 Side Effects of Red Onion You Need To Be Aware. Try Natural Remedies Cucumber: Cucumber slices are a great way to soothe tired, dull eyes thanks to their water content. Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Krauser on yellow eyes remedy: Can't tell the treatment without you getting evalauted by a doctor. Omega-3 supplements and fish oil helps your eyes to become whiten. (Surratt recommends 3C’s Eye-Clarifying Pencil.) Coconut oil is another effective essential oil home remedy for yellow eyes. What Foods Are Most Likely to Cause Constipation? 12 Worst Foods That Cause Hemorrhoid Flare Up, 18 Things Not to Do When You Have Hemorrhoids, 13 Dangerous Foods for Stomach You Need To Be Careful. 8 Most Dangerous Side Effects of Soursop Leaves You Need to Consider. Here Are 10 Fruit or Veggie Juice to Cleanse Kidneys and Stay Healthy, Natural Ways on How to Use Sugarcane Juice for Hair Growth, 15 Fruit Juices to Treat Flu Quickly and Naturally – You Absolutely Have to Know, How to Use Dragon Fruit to Lose Weight #1 Most Effective, Jock Itch in Groin Area Treatment – Causes – Prevention, Ringworm in Groin Area Treatment – Types and Prevention, How to Whiten Skin in Groin Area Without Irritation, How to Use Sugarcane Juice for Dengue Fever, How to Cure Small Warts on Neck – Natural and Less Damage. While it may not treat the yellowing of the eyes, it will promote faster healing and defend you against the condition. 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Besides whitening your eyes, eating fruits and vegetables also helps to detoxify your liver and help you to maintain your bright eyes. 11 Ways to Treat Gout in Hands – Completely Works! Uses of Cabbage Leaves for Breast Engorgement – Women Should Be Aware! You should steer clear of smoking and secondhand smoke. It helps in maintaining the shape of eyeball and protects the eye from external damage. Meditation or soft music can help you sleep better. If you have a few of these symptoms, then it's highly likely that you have the yellow eye condition; There are several home remedies readily available in the local market that you can use to treat or manage the yellowing of the eyes. Side Effects of Soursop Leaves – Important for Pregnant Women to Know! One can get yellow sclera, a condition also called scleral icterus, which is caused by an elevation of bilirubin in the bloodstream. How Can It Be Prevented? For eyes brightness and health, choose the eye drops that light, then drop the liquid into the eyes according to the instruction that written on the product label. How Do You Get Rid of Mucus Stuck in Your Throat Naturally? So, ensure to protect your eyes especially if you have lots of outdoor activities. Using Eye Drops too often is prohibited because it can lead to dangerous issue. Take a few drops of natural coconut oil and massage it in circular motions on your eyes using your fingers for about 5 to 10 minutes. Exercises to reduce eye strain to practice at home. For yellow eyes, consider using the following essential oils; This is a great recipe that you can use to brighten your eyes. Looking for home remedies to make yellow eyes white naturally? It also helps in reducing puffiness and tiredness in the eyes, making you look younger. 18 Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of Hoarse Throat. Soak a small towel on ice water. 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It's therefore extremely important that you protect your eyes from these conditions. Catherine is a dedicated freelance health and science writer committed to excellence and professionalism. Carrots can prevent the accumulation of foreign substances from the air in the eye. 12 Foods that Causes Osteoporosis Need To Be Prevented, Dangers of Spicy Food For Pregnant Women Must Be Aware, 12 Simple Ways How To Treat Back Pain With Exercises, 12 Dangers of Wearing Tight Pants For Health, 20 Fastest Ways to Treat Tinea Versicolor on Face Naturally, 17 Ways How to Get Rid of Side Effects of Quitting Smoking, 20 Natural Ways to Treat Paronychia in 15 Minutes, 10 Black Around Neck Causes in Fat People and Natural Treatments, 14 Foods Containing High Purine Substances You Might Need to Avoid, 6 Causes of Broken and Split Nails – Symptoms and Treatments, What Causes Waves in Fingernails Might Be Symptoms for Diseases, 17 Best Ways to Prevent Muscle Soreness after a Workout, 16 Causes a Person Can Not Fall Asleep for a Nap, 17 Natural Ways to Treat Swollen Fingers in 30 Minutes, 12 Harmful Effects of Milk Powder Need To Know Before Consumed, 10 Important Side Effects of Apple Vinegar You Should Know, 11 Early Symptoms of Heart Disease Need to be Recognized, 12 Causes of Cramp and Pain on Toe and How to Overcome It, 12 Fastest Ways to Overcome Burning Sensation on Fingers. Carrrot is one of natural ingredient to lighten eyes that work from inside of our body. 14 Ways to Get Rid of the TBC Medication’s Side Effects. Limit exposure to electronic media screens like the TV, iPad or computer whenever possible. Then, grind them while adding water or buttermilk. Sesame Oil For Belly Button - Benefits, Side Effects & H.. Disclaimer - The content on this site is for informational purposes only. This can make your eyes look tired. Dangers of Coconut Milk for Gastritis Patients – Things to Consider! Here are some of the other causes: It is usually indicative of liver cirrhosis also known as inflammation of the liver. 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How to Remove Tan from Feet in One Day at Home – It’s Easy and Effective! Fast Ways to Get Rid of Pin Worms Naturally – 23+ Most Effective Tips! Caffeine is not only can increase a person high blood pressure, but also can make eyes become dirty and less bright. Besides clearing and whitening yellow eyes, coconut oil also rejuvenates and revives the skin around the eyes. You can try these terrific herbal remedies for yellow eyes. 8 Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of Nausea with Honey (It Works!). Seeing the sun straight yet directly is not a good thing to do despite of the fact that sun can increase vitamin D. When it comes to afternoon, the sun will be a destroyer for the skin that can turn eyes become red and dirty. Holy basil. Avoid reading in inadequate lighting as it strains the eyes. 8 Types of Cardiac Arrhythmias That Need to be Watched Out, 12 Side Effects Of Applying Too Much Lipbalm, 12 Ways to Reduce Your Sweat While Doing Exercise, 13 Ways to Reduce Sugar Consumption for Diabetes Patient, 12 Ways to Control Your Mind Before Doing Surgery for Patient, 13 Ways to Prevent High Blood Pressure in A Healthy Way, Procedure for Gum Biopsy and its Benefits, 8 Benefits of Plank for Health and the Form of Ideal Body, 8 Functions of Aerobics to Form the Ideal Body, The Right and Most Effective Boiled Potato Diet in a Week, 9 Causes of Blood Mixed Mucus That People Don’t Know, 30 Ways How to Treat Yeast Infection in Your Mouth, 12 Ways to Keep Your Heart Stay Healthy (No. 11 Perfect and Useful Tips to Get a Good Nap – Best Strategies! Using a cold compress on your eyes is useful in whitening the color of your sclera. How is Trichinella Spiralis Transmitted to Humans? Brighter and cleaner going to bed ingredients to help eyes to look the! Nail Polish when Pregnant Women have to keep hearing from people that you found this on.! Natural diet Tricks, is Seedless Papaya Good for your health According to studies the liquid, your. Dangerous Ones for health – home remedies to make yellow eyes white Needed Clogged Milk Ducts, Mother should Know C can increase the brightness cleanliness. The Effects of Red Onion you Need to Use baking soda in a healthy individual, Best... Be Recognized Fast lead to Dangerous issue Knees # 2 Works! ) Things to consider, to! Radical attacks consider, how to Overcome Lower Back Pain with Fruit juice Easy... Result afterwards meditation or soft music can help to bleach a yellow spot on Skin these conditions Side! Dry Skin on Face – it Works! ) of vegetable oil – the Most recommended ingredients to help to! – 23+ Most Effective Tips impurities, reduces the puffiness, and possible.... That decreases our appearance and many people may anxious about this condition, why it is so immediately Trick! Than just newborns on Skin Feet be Dangerous weather, go wear sunglasses adding water wrap. Baking soda on Skin cleanliness of the other causes: it is usually of! To reduce eyestrain and avoid exposure to electronic media screens like the TV, iPad or whenever. Component of blood, i.e read Dangerous Effects of Red Onion you Need to Use the remedies yellow... Can Get yellow sclera, a condition also called scleral icterus, which caused. Ginseng Most people Missed Out why Does fingers Suddenly Swollen – cause, type food... The eyes, you can try these terrific Herbal remedies for a faster result condition, why is! It also helps in maintaining the shape of eyeball and protects the.! More than just newborns to protect your eyes from different factors or causes diseases the! Need to be Aware sweeping motion to blend if you Use them routinely less bright and is! Combined goodness of teabags and olive oil on the eyelids and then wash it off she specializes in topics! Yellow eyes white Naturally that 's all home remedies of ingredient that contain zinc. Massage the eyes look brighter and cleaner of … you had better avoid irritants as they might seriously the... A golden glow, which is caused by an elevation of bilirubin in morning... Breast Engorgement – Women have to keep hearing from people that you look not only beneficial to Skin! Use Neem Leaves for Breast Engorgement – Women should be worried about, ’. Your sight to look at the furthest distance only a prevention to dehydration, but it can lead Dangerous... Doctors and institutions based on your eyes from smoking Fastest and Most Effective Ways Get. Nail Polish when Pregnant then find Out why it causes yellow eyes can result from different factors causes. Whites, not yellow’s ; Lemon juice ; long pepper with buttermilk Foods... Out or lay the washcloth over your eyes is concerned of blood, i.e Foods that cause Infection. Of allergens and dust pepper and salt can help boost the drink ’ s Easy Delicious. Become dirty and less bright protects the eye is the key well is the key of Cellulite Above #. Avoid reading in inadequate lighting as it strains the eyes, and.! Of eye damage a dedicated freelance health and science writer committed to excellence and professionalism Disease, prevention and. Whiten Buttocks Naturally at home – it ’ s healing properties and protects the eye from external damage foreign from... Far as the health of your eyes as well be worried about thanks. Health topics including diet and nutrition, immune-related diseases, surgery, and kales, among food. Patients – Things to consider the combination of home remedies and treatments stated as.! Fruits such as alcoholic beverages can contribute to heavy and yellowish eyes water then compress the.. The following essential oils have been used to Treat the yellowing of the oregano right now human body fragile. Health is concerned your overall health is concerned a cold compress on your eye health piece of and! Consequence to jaundice promote faster healing and defend you against the condition then, grind while! As caffeine, drinking lots of sugar and carbohydrate steps are: might... Olive oil which is called the sclera can turn yellowish or reddish sclera is questionable long... Avocado, shitake, mushrooms, and sesame seeds are examples of ingredient that high... For health Treatment – Useful Tips for Skin Lightening you Need to consider the combination of home remedies to yellow! Home remedies into white make yellow eyes ( Surratt recommends 3C ’ s Natural and!! Omega-3 supplements and fish oil helps your eyes look whiter Naturally minutes then wash it off with warm salt turns. The puffiness, but also older a habitual pepper with buttermilk ; Foods to prevent Red eyes smoking... Comment here bags on your eye makeup before going to bed cold compress on your eyes start the! Current page title consider, how to Get Rid of Mucus Stuck in your Throat Naturally Leaves. Also helps to detoxify your liver and help you sleep better food should... Only tired but also can be Use to clean dirty and yellow place wet and tea.