,{i:'fig3-0004563215574350',type:'fig',g:[{m:'10.1177_0004563215574350-fig3.gif',l:'10.1177_0004563215574350-fig3.jpeg',size:'136 KB'}]} Bromocresol green (BCG) Quantitative determination of albumin For In-Vitro and professional use only Store at 2-8 °C INTENDED USE For the determination of Albumin concentration in human serum or plasma. Haptoglobin shows a wide range in molecular weight. In solutions containing the same amount of human serum albumin, α2-macroglobulin significantly increased ALBBCG values in a dose-dependent manner. Then add the appropriate volume of the pota ssium chloride solution, with which you change the ionic strength in the solution. Although body height, blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine concentrations were similar across tertiles, body weight was highest in the NS-I group. Software Solutions. Bromocresol green is most often used for electrophoresis, titration, and … Anthropometric and laboratory measurements of the study participants. Please read and accept the terms and conditions and check the box to generate a sharing link. Reagent, J.T.Baker™ 5g; Wide Mouth Amber Glass Bottle High quality chemicals for laboratory and specialized industrial use Bromocresol Purple TS —Dissolve 250 mg of bromocresol purple in 20 mL of 0.05 N sodium hydroxide, and dilute with water to 250 mL. All analyses were performed using the statistical software SPSS version 12.0J (SPSS, Chicago, IL, USA). Claros Water … Protein fraction profiles of the study participants. Albumin Bromocresol green (BCG) method: At an acidic pH of 4.1 albumin is significantly charged allowing it to bind to the anionic dye bromocresol green forming a blue-green complex. In this experiment, we will determine the equilibrium constant of bromocresol green (BCG). Discussion The nine different solutions in the test tubes change colors because of the different amounts of bromocresol green and acetic acid reacting. Express Order . Eur., CAS Number: 76-60-8,(32742 Fluka).Shop now or request a quote. ΔALB was calculated by subtracting nALB from ALBBCG. Automated Lab Systems. The aim of this paper was to examine the differences in albumin measurements between the Advia2400 BCG method (AlbBCG), Dimension RxL BCP (AlbBCP) and capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE). The final concentration of α2-macroglobulin was adjusted to 0 to 10.0 g/L. Each fraction was quantified by densitometry. ,{i:'table2-0004563215574350',type:'table-wrap',g:[{m:'10.1177_0004563215574350-table2.gif',l:'10.1177_0004563215574350-table2.jpeg',size:'455 KB'}]} Access to society journal content varies across our titles. Shop a large selection of Benzofurans products and learn more about Bromocresol Green, ACS reagent, ACROS Organics™: Benzofurans Organoheterocyclic compounds . The criteria for the syndrome are as follows: (1) severe proteinuria (urine protein excretion ≥ 3.5 g/day), (2) hypoproteinemia (serum total protein ≤ 60 g/L) and/or hypoalbuminemia (serum albumin concentration ≤ 30 g/L), (3) edema, and (4) hypercholesterolemia (serum total cholesterol ≥ 6.465 mmol/L). Albumin values by bromocresol green with a short incubation time (1.5 min) averaged 5 g/L higher than those by bromocresol purple at all albumin concentrations. Figure 4. Bromocresol Green for analysis, ACS Quality Name: for analysis, ACS Headline Comment: pH indicator 3,8 yellow; 5,4 blue Specifications: Identity: IR passes test Range of Transition interval according to ACS: passes test T.L.C. Scatter plots of ALBBCG and ALBmBCP against nALB in patients with nephrotic syndrome. All of the subjects agreed to participate in this study and provided written informed consent after being made fully aware of the study protocol. This might explain why the serum haptoglobin concentration was not higher in the NS-1 group compared with the NS-2 group in this study (Table 2). 5.0 cm3 of 10−4 mol/dm3 bromocresol green and 2.5 cm3 of 0.2 mol/dm3 sodium acetate to a 50 cm3 volumetric flask. This study clearly indicates that α2-macroglobulin causes a positive bias for ALBBCG in nephrotic syndrome, especially in patients with severe hypoalbuminemia. 2,17–19. Software Solutions. By contrast, ALBmBCP and nALB were almost identical in all three groups. Bromocresol Green Reagent Indicator: Prepare a phosphate buffer solution by dissolving 43.0 g of sodium dihydrogen phosphate and 2.0 g of anhydrous sodium phosphate in sufficient water to make 1000 ml. Automated Lab Systems. Bromcresol Green-Methyl Red Indicator Powder Pillows, pk/100. SDS. These cleavage products induce conformational changes in α2-macroglobulin, and the enzymatic active site of the proteinases is physically trapped and thus inhibited.22 Among the five α1- and α2-globulins measured in this study, only α2-macroglobulin increased in parallel with the severity of hypoalbuminemia and proteinuria (Table 2). Table 1. By contrast, it did not increase ALBmBCP values (Figure 4). Concentrations of α2-macroglobulin, a major α2-globulin component, are increased in nephrotic syndrome (NS), but not in inflammation. Previously, we confirmed the precision of these assays.20,21 High-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) was measured using latex-enhanced immunonephelometry (CardioPhase hsCRP; Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, NY, USA). After that add 2 cm3 of Solution A and dilute it to 50 cm3 with distilled water. By contrast, there was no significant bias for ALBmBCP. Bromocresol Green–Methyl Red TS —Dissolve 0.15 g of bromocresol green and 0.1 g of methyl red in 180 mL of alcohol, and dilute with water to 200 mL. Goals To determine the acid dissociation constant (K a) for bromocresol green (BCG), an acid-base indicator. B. Bromocresol green is green at pH levels between 3.8 and 5.4. If a precipitate forms duringbromocresol green and 0.1 g of methyl red in 180 mL of storage, use only the clear supernatant. The markedly high TC concentration in the NS-1 group was mainly attributable to increased LDL-C. Identification . Use of BCP in this application may provide some advantage over older methods using bromocresol green . Store it in the dark. Here, we warn that the BCG assay should never be used in nephrotic syndrome because it shows high reactivity with α2-macroglobulin, which is increased in these patients. R1221000-500A R1221000-120A. In nephrotic syndrome, the positive bias of ALBBCG against nALB was greatest in the NS-1 group (the subgroup with the severest hypoalbuminemia), because α2-macroglobulin, the largest component of α2-globulin, is least likely to pass through the glomeruli due to its high molecular weight. Title; Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Bromocresol green Certificates of Analysis. Specification Test Results. PRINCIPLE (The method is based on the specific binding of bromocresol green (BCG), an anionic dye, and the protein at acid pH Prepare this solution fresh. We used two dye-binding assays, and an immunoassay for albumin, and five proteins classified as α-globulins: the BCG assay (Kainos Auto-series ALB Test Kit; Kainos Laboratories, Tokyo, Japan), the modified BCP assay (Aqua-auto Kainos ALB Test Kit; Kainos Laboratories) on a Hitachi Automatic Analyzer LABOSPECT008 (Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation, Tokyo) and nephelometry on a BN-II (N Antiserum to Human Albumin; Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics K.K., Tokyo). test tubes 1-3. After staining of the proteins, each fraction was quantified densitometrically. Bromocresol green turns one of three colors depending on the pH of the solution to which it is added. Precise dosing, long shelf life and easy handling make the tablet reagent the most popular indicator system and the cheapest way to have analyse a parameter. Bromocresol Green, BAKER ANALYZED™ A.C.S. [2] [3] In microbiology, it is used for staining dead cells based on their acidity, and for … Lean Library can solve it. RC1221-16 RC1221-4. False increase: Test reagent (bromcresol green [BCG]) may bind to globulin when albumin is very low and globulins are high. We concluded that α2-macroglobulin is a major factor involved in the positive bias towards ALBBCG in nephrotic syndrome, especially in patients with severe hypoalbuminemia. Bromocresol Green, 0.04% w/v, Aqueous Safety Data Sheet according to Federal Register / Vol. To explore the reactivity of α2-macroglobulin with the BCG assay, different concentrations of purified α2-macroglobulin were added to fixed-concentration HSA solutions. Synonyms: Methyl Red - Bromocresol green solution. : passes test Maximum limit of impurities pH transition interval: yellow: 3.8 pH transition interval: blue: 5.4 Although the TP concentration was lower in nephrotic syndrome patients than in controls, the estimated absolute concentration of α2-globulin was still higher in the former than the latter. If you have access to a journal via a society or association membership, please browse to your society journal, select an article to view, and follow the instructions in this box. As to the assay of TBG, CBG, … This product could help you, Accessing resources off campus can be a challenge. The modified bromocresol purple (mBCP) assay is another dye-binding method developed to overcome non-specific reactions. When bromocresol is at pH 5.4 or above it is a blue color and is less acidic. ,{i:'table2-0004563215574350',type:'table-wrap',g:[{m:'10.1177_0004563215574350-table2.gif',l:'10.1177_0004563215574350-table2.jpeg',size:'455 KB'}]} PubMed:Serum globulins contribute to the discrepancies observed between the bromocresol green and bromocresol purple assays of serum albumin concentration. The aim of this paper was to examine the differences in albumin measurements between the Advia2400 BCG method (AlbBCG), Dimension RxL BCP (AlbBCP) and capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE). Bromocresol green is a pH indicator that is yellow below pH 3.8 and blue over pH 5.4. α2-Macroglobulin contributed a 58 – 92% increase in ALBBCG values. Some society journals require you to create a personal profile, then activate your society account, You are adding the following journals to your email alerts, Did you struggle to get access to this article? Test Solution) is a ready-for-use solution for the purpose of conducting USP, National Formulary and assay tests and is prepared according to the specifications of the USP Pharmacopeial Convention. Experience has shown that carboxylic acids work moderately well (first lane in Figure 2.43d) but phenols are only barely visible (indicated with an arrow in Figure 2.43d). We prepared a series of albumin solutions supplemented with different α2-macroglobulin concentrations. Data are presented as the means±SD unless otherwise stated. They were supplemented with phosphate-buffered saline (PBS). Hach Training. CHEMetrics' total alkalinity tests determine total or M alkalinity using a hydrochloric acid titrant and a bromocresol green/methyl red indicator. In microbiology, it is used for staining dead cells based on their acidity, and for the isolation and assaying of lactic acid bacteria. Formula: C₂₁H₁₄Br₄O₅S MW: 698.02 g/mol Melting Pt: 217…218 °C Storage Temperature: Ambient: MDL Number: MFCD00005874 CAS Number: 76-60-8 EINECS: 200-972-8 Merck Index: 13,01370: Order Now. Bromocresol green CAS 76-60-8 indicator ACS,Reag. We enable science by offering product choice, services, process excellence and our people make it happen. Determination of the Equilibrium Constant for Bromocresol Green . Purified α2-macroglobulin was purchased from Sigma-Aldrich, with 98% (SDS-PAGE) purity (St. Louis, MO, USA). Bromocresol Green for analysis, ACS Quality Name: for analysis, ACS Headline Comment: pH indicator 3,8 yellow; 5,4 blue Specifications: Identity: IR passes test Range of Transition interval according to ACS: passes test T.L.C. The end point of the titration occurs at pH 4.5. We also determined five specific proteins belonging to the α1- and α2-globulins by nephelometry. ,{i:'fig1-0004563215574350',type:'fig',g:[{m:'10.1177_0004563215574350-fig1.gif',l:'10.1177_0004563215574350-fig1.jpeg',size:'71 KB'}]} 5g; Glass bottle. EXPERIMENTAL METHODS Reagents used L-Glutamic acid and sodium tungstate (E. Merck grade); L-aspartic acid, neodymium trichloride, catechol violet, bromocresol green, chrom- azural red S, xylenol orange, and alizarin red S (B.D.H. Mit dem „Goldenen Windbeutel“ vergibt Foodwatch jedes Jahr einen Schmähpreis für die dreisteste Werbelüge des Jahres. To examine whether α2-macroglobulin causes discrepancy between BCG and mBCP assays, we comparatively measured serum albumin concentrations using the two dye-binding assays, and nephelometry as a reference method in patients with nephrotic syndrome. Although the mBCP assay is superior to BCG and the original BCP assays in both specificity and reactivity to oxidized and reduced albumin,2 the reagents required for the mBCP assay are available only in Japan. Lab Equipment and Supply. 1990). Likewise, anything above the 5.4 pH mark causes it to take on its base form and turn a blue color. No minimum orders and we offer case discounts! A. Bromoscresol green is blue at pH levels above 5.4. Wasseranalytik kann nicht einfacher sein. ΔALB (the difference between ALBBCG and nALB) was positively correlated with the serum α2-macroglobulin concentration (Figure 3(a)). Background: Usually serum albumin is measured with dye-binding assay as bromocresol green (BCG) and bromocresol purple (BCP) methods. Ratings of no growth (0 or ‘)’), weak growth (1 or ‘w’) or growth (>2 or ‘+’) were assigned. For more information view the SAGE Journals Article Sharing page. A curdy green precipitate is formed at the top of the test tube. These albumin values are designated as nALB, ALBBCG and ALBmBCP, respectively. ,{i:'fig3-0004563215574350',type:'fig',g:[{m:'10.1177_0004563215574350-fig3.gif',l:'10.1177_0004563215574350-fig3.jpeg',size:'136 KB'}]} Lab Equipment and Supply. 77, No. Among the five proteins classified into α1- and α2-globulins, the mean values of α1-microglobulin, α2-macroglobulin and haptoglobin were markedly increased in nephrotic syndrome (Table 2). size and charge barriers).7 These barriers can be severely damaged by primary kidney diseases or systemic diseases, resulting in massive proteinuria as well as heavy hypoalbuminemia, peripheral edema and dyslipidemia. A set of purified α2-macroglobulin solutions was added to the albumin solutions (final albumin concentration: 40 g/L). BCG is used as a tracking dye for DNA agarose gel electrophoresis, in protein determinations and in charge-transfer complexation processes. The albumin concentrations measured using the bromocresol green (ALBBCG, closed circles) and modified bromocresol purple (ALBmBCP, open circles) assays were plotted against those measured using nephelometry (nALB). : passes test Maximum limit of impurities pH transition interval: yellow: 3.8 pH transition interval: blue: 5.4 The reactivity of α2-macroglobulin with BCG assay could be reproduced in the in vitro experiments (Figure 4). The impact of the analytical performance specifications of calcium and albumin on adjusted calcium. We would like to thank Kainos Laboratories for providing the albumin assay kits and Shiro Kamiji, Shigekazu Yamamoto and Kei Syukuya for their technical support. Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in. The e-mail addresses that you supply to use this service will not be used for any other purpose without your consent. Please check you selected the correct society from the list and entered the user name and password you use to log in to your society website. Surface activity tests Three methods (De nou¨y ring, oil spreading test and biofilm on parafilm test) were used to detect surfactant activity. Differences between nephrotic syndrome and control groups were determined using Fisher's exact test for ratio variables and continuous variables using the Student's t-test and Mann–Whitney U-test according to the presence or absence of Gaussian distribution. That is, ALBBCG may not only be higher but also lower than the actual values. There are two alleles for the human haptoglobin gene, resulting in three phenotypes designated as Hp1-1, Hp2-1 and Hp2-2.27 Haptoglobin molecules are composed of α- and β-subunits. Associations between two variables were evaluated using Pearson's correlation analysis. Reading assignment: Chang, Chemistry 10. th. The procedures are based on the reaction between the drug and bromocresol green, alizarin red, or bromophenol blue, which result in the production of ion-pair complexes (1:1). Anything below the 3.8 pH mark causes bromocresol green to take on its acidic form and turn a yellow color. In clinical samples with different backgrounds, protein concentrations exhibiting non-specific reactivity with BCG must vary among individual cases. Lab Equipment and Supply. If you have the appropriate software installed, you can download article citation data to the citation manager of your choice. Lot analysis on label. For more information view the SAGE Journals Sharing page. This monograph for Bromocresol Green provides, in addition to common physical constants, a general description including typical appearance, applications, change in state (approximate), and aqueous solubility. Results are expressed as ppm (mg/L) CaCO PubMed: A preliminary report on the functioning and data collection capabilities of a web-based … Between pH 3.8 and 5.4 it is green. C. Bromocresol green is yellow at pH levels below 3.8. SCIENTIA MARINA 71(3) September 2007, 441-450, Barcelona (Spain) ISSN: 0214-8358 Role of the Jiaozhou Bay as a source/sink of CO 2 over a seasonal cycle XUEGANG LI1, JINMING SONG1, LIFENG NIU2, HUAMAO YUAN 1, NING LI1 and XUELU GAO1 1 Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qingdao 266071, China.E-mail: jmsong@ms.qdio.ac.cn Simply select your manager software from the list below and click on download. ,{i:'fig2-0004563215574350',type:'fig',g:[{m:'10.1177_0004563215574350-fig2.gif',l:'10.1177_0004563215574350-fig2.jpeg',size:'182 KB'}]} The precipitate of Casein formed at pH 4.6 will re-dissolve in a highly acidic or alkaline environment. 76-60-8・Bromocresol Green・022-02681・028-02683・020-02682[Detail Information] | [Common Chemicals & Lab Tools] |Laboratory Chemicals-FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals U.S.A. Results. ,{i:'fig4-0004563215574350',type:'fig',g:[{m:'10.1177_0004563215574350-fig4.gif',l:'10.1177_0004563215574350-fig4.jpeg',size:'130 KB'}]} Shop a large selection of Benzofurans products and learn more about Bromocresol Green, ACS reagent, ACROS Organics™: Benzofurans Organoheterocyclic compounds . Figure 1. We also carried out in vitro experiments using albumin solutions supplemented with purified α2-macroglobulin. Create a link to share a read only version of this article with your colleagues and friends. Automated Lab Systems. Mix 9 mL of the resulting solution with 1 mL of dilute glacial acetic acid (1 in 300). In nephrotic syndrome, ΔALB, calculated by subtracting nALB from ALBBCG, was significantly correlated with the concentration of α2-macroglobulin, but not with that of haptoglobin (Figures 3(a) and (b)). ]}. ]}. Serum samples were collected from 33 patients with nephrotic syndrome. Figure 2. During incubation, all test tubes were vortexed every 48 h. Growth was evaluated after 7 or 14 days using a Wickerham card (0Æ75-mm-thick black lines on a white card spaced 5Æ0 mm apart). Human serum albumin (HSA) was from the same company with 97% purity. Human α2-macroglobulin is a multifunctional glycoprotein that forms a homotetramer of ∼725 kDa.22 α2-Macroglobulin binds non-specifically to various proteinases, which cleave the susceptible site (thioester) of α2-macroglobulin. Bromcresol Green-Methyl Red Indicator Powder Pillows, pk/100. In TLC BCG is used for visualisation of the compounds with functional groups whose pKa is below 5.0. ,{i:'fig1-0004563215574350',type:'fig',g:[{m:'10.1177_0004563215574350-fig1.gif',l:'10.1177_0004563215574350-fig1.jpeg',size:'71 KB'}]} The aim of this paper was to examine the differences in albumin measurements between the Advia2400 BCG method (AlbBCG), Dimension RxL BCP (AlbBCP) and capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE). Candida Bromcresol Green Agar Intended Use Candida Bromcresol Green (BCG) Agar is a differential and selective medium used for primary isolation and detection of Candida species from clinical specimens. alcohol, and dilute with water to 200 mL. It belongs to a class of dyes called sulfonephthaleins. In addition, there is no safety risk for the user.

Description; Specifications; Shipping & Storage; Reviews; Catalog Size Package Availability Manufacturer List Price Unit; B-297-100ML: 100 ML: Sign In: Spectrum Chemical: 196224: $181.00: EA: B-297-500ML: 500 ML: Spectrum Chemical: 196225: $357.00 : EA: Request Quantity Discount. The optimized formulation substantially reduces interference by other substances (lipids/other proteins) in the … BCG is an indicator that is yellow in acidic solutions blue in basic solutions. ,{i:'fig2-0004563215574350',type:'fig',g:[{m:'10.1177_0004563215574350-fig2.gif',l:'10.1177_0004563215574350-fig2.jpeg',size:'182 KB'}]} The difference between ALBBCG and nALB was positively correlated with the α2-macroglobulin concentration. window.figureViewer={doi:'10.1177/0004563215574350',path:'/na101/home/literatum/publisher/sage/journals/content/acbb/2016/acbb_53_1/0004563215574350/20170109',figures:[{i:'table1-0004563215574350',type:'table-wrap',g:[{m:'10.1177_0004563215574350-table1.gif',l:'10.1177_0004563215574350-table1.jpeg',size:'514 KB'}]} It is used as a pH indicator in applications such as growth mediums for microorganisms and titrations. There is little direct evidence that α2-macroglobulin affects BCG or mBCP assays. All of the following assays are routine laboratory tests used to evaluate the clinical condition of patients with nephrotic syndrome: total protein (TP); total cholesterol (TC); triglyceride (TG) (Aqua-auto Kainos TP-II, T-CHO, TG-II Test Kit; Kainos Laboratories); low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol (LDL-C) (Cholestest LDL; Sekisui Medical, Tokyo) and high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol (HDL-C) (MetaboLead HDL-C; Kyowa Medex, Tokyo). window.figureViewer={doi:'10.1177/0004563215574350',path:'/na101/home/literatum/publisher/sage/journals/content/acbb/2016/acbb_53_1/0004563215574350/20170109',figures:[{i:'table1-0004563215574350',type:'table-wrap',g:[{m:'10.1177_0004563215574350-table1.gif',l:'10.1177_0004563215574350-table1.jpeg',size:'514 KB'}]} Bromocresol green indicator Reag. Suppose a student used one of the indicators you used to test the pH of an ammonia solution. The broad range of pH detection in the acid range, below the 7 pH mark, makes bromocresol green useful fo… Precautions Legionellen Test Kits Coliform/E.Coli Kühlschränke & Reaktoren Thermostatschränke Laborkühlschränke Thermoreaktor RD 125 ... Bromocresol Green Mit der passenden Tablette zum schnellen Ergebnis. The patients with nephrotic syndrome, especially the NS-1 group, had higher concentrations of TC (+54%) and TG (+211%) than those of the control subjects. I have read and accept the terms and conditions, View permissions information for this article. 22-138). �����G>}��ܨ�� '0�j�W��֒�i>����Y�RMw��Ѭ�@��&F�@S)���I���f��#܁�"�� SJ�����4�[��n,��ӯ�� ��=Kڙ�e߅䞎ZNٕ��#5���Όl�ш��Ԉ� c_�2��EF�F�;{����U/@�=^�t�' ɏA�~C�G�+����J���u�6&}=�G=\,O�R�JT?�…6�K�T�ZE:�r�v���W�G ����-|{��X_�W��z��zٯ ���������"Q�$n��8���{=��м�� ���O�w��f5Bbe���m5@��f���VW��b�?���e0"6u��:kZ��[�a�*����0�ӳWπ�1�u� ����yBV��ʘ��V��Ű��d�1�;4H�$���z����@�� �O����R��5� t$����y^���(#X$F"�d��� ]c;�fҢY7M���|���Id+$}� �_. The means and standard deviations were calculated for further analysis. Sharing links are not available for this article. The tablet reagent in the aluminium blister pack withstands almost all climatic conditions and external influences. Login failed. An assay for albumin measurement more specific than the BCG assay should be used, because the individual α2-globulin components differ depending on underlying disorders. You can be signed in via any or all of the methods shown below at the same time. bromocresol purple than with albumin by the two bromocresol green methods. Five specified proteins in α1- and α2-globulin fractions were quantified by nephelometry: α1-acid glycoprotein and α1-microglobulin categorized as α1-globulins, α2-macroglobulin, ceruloplasmin, and haptoglobin as α2-globulins. The study protocol was reviewed and approved by ethics committee of Juntendo University Hospital (No. Such clinical features constitute nephrotic syndrome.8 The measurement of the serum albumin concentration is of great importance in the diagnosis and management of patients with nephrotic syndrome.9, In clinical practice, the serum albumin concentration is usually measured by dye-binding methods, such as the bromocresol green (BCG) assay or bromocresol purple (BCP) assay.10 The BCG assay reacts non-specifically with α-globulins (especially α2-globulin), concentrations of which are increased in inflammation.11,12 Although the BCP assay is more specific for albumin than is the BCG assay, the reactivity to albumin is different between the oxidized and reduced forms.2 However, the modified BCP (mBCP, an improved formula of the original BCP) assay reacts with reduced and oxidized albumin equally.2 Although earlier studies indicated that the BCG assay has the greatest reactivity with α2-globulin,13,14 α2-globulin is a collective term for various proteins with α2-mobility on electrophoresis, and it is likely that the composition of α2-globulin changes depending on clinical conditions. Each test was performed in triplicate. TU and MS carried the in vitro experiments. Ph Eur - Find MSDS or SDS, a COA, data sheets and more information. Shop a large selection of Benzofurans products and learn more about Bromocresol Green, pure, indicator grade, ACROS Organics. The final albumin concentration was set at 40 g/L in all solutions.